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Bond Back Cleaning

Best Cleaning tips to get your bond money back in the Brisbane

Check your property condition: - Grab your original property condition report as a reference, have a squint virtually and note what needs to be washed-up and what was once dirty or broken, you’re not expected to fix or replace any of these items. Only areas that are dirty or that were damaged during your tenancy are supposed to be fixed by you immediately.

Wear and Tear: Any wear and tear, deterioration from time to the property during your tenancy are supposed to be your concern. Discuss any concerns with your landlord.

Steam Cleaning the Carpets: Depending on the property and your lease agreement, you may be required to steam wipe the carpets. Renters normally rent a professional carpet steam cleaner. Remember you don’t need to fix any forfeiture you didn’t cause, or pre-existing, refer to your original condition report.

Pest Control: Did you have any pets during your tenancy? You will need to fumigate the property if you had one. Refer to your lease while some properties indulge pets, they state you need to rent a professional for flea treatment and pest control at the end of your tenancy.

Disconnecting the Utilities: Once you have completed your end of lease clean, don’t disconnect the electricity immediately. Wait for the landlord to do their final inspection; they may require some touch up cleaning done. Then once you have the final approval, immediately disconnect all the utilities supplied in your name.

Extra Tip: Take a quick date-stamped the meters for your records. 

Take Photos: After you have completed the end of lease clean, take some photos or videos of the property on the last day as the vestige of its condition.

The Final Inspection: Come prepared! At your final inspection meeting make sure you bring a reprint of your entry report and moreover bring withal some cleaning products. The landlord may require some spare touch up cleaning tasks completed at the property. If you come prepared and fix the zone of concerns the landlord might finalize the report on the spot.

Get It in Writing: Get every conversation, agreements, disagreements or just any issues all in writing! Remember to alimony emotions out and alimony everything factual and to the point, provide any supporting photos or documents as required. Moreover, at your final inspection meeting anything you don’t stipulate on, then create your own report and take photos or videos evidence.

Hire A Professional Cleaner: Rent a professional end of lease/bond cleaner! Do not underestimate the value of work that is required for an end of lease clean. Some cleaning companies like Lica Home Services offer a full guarantee that their cleaning will meet the upper standards set by your landlord.

Note: Bond cleaning in Brisbane is now much cheaper just pre-order our services now we’ll give you a 20%* instant discount on end of lease cleaning in Brisbane.

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