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Keep Your Carpets Healthy with Steam Therapy

Is anyone in your home suffering from asthma or allergies and you are concerned about allergens and air quality? Do you have kids or even pets who love to be around and play on your precious carpet and then you must be worried about bacteria? Carpets are beneficial acting and it absorbs and collects the common allergens and germs like an air purifier. The carpet must be properly cleaned to remain most effective. Our organization cleaning service has been tested and proven to effectively remove common household allergens from the carpets and upholstery that we clean. And when a sanitize is added to our cleaning services, most of the bacteria in carpets and air got removed, leaving your carpets and air quality becomes better and healthy for you and your family. Removing stains, dirt, and allergens can be done through several methods such as “Carpet Cleaning”. Clean carpets are recognized by manufacturers as being more visually pleasing, potentially longer-lasting, and probably healthier than poorly maintained carpets.

To proceed ahead, there are numerous ways to clean the carpet such as regular carpet cleaning, HWE- Hot water extraction and carpet steam cleaning therapy. In regular carpet cleaning-the companies generally, vacuum the carpets. The hot water soil extraction cleaning method uses equipment that sprays heated water and detergent on the carpet simultaneously which removes the dirt from the carpets and the steam in steam carpet cleaning. They pre-vacuum the carpets, then they apply the appropriate solution and they apply the steam therapy. This therapy relies on specialized machines. These systems are mostly “very low moisture”(VLM) systems. Dry-cleaning and “Very low moisture” systems are also often faster and less labor-intensive than wet-extraction systems.

So, Now when you require the best steam carpet cleaning service at an affordable price. We are here to assist you to get your carpet cleaning done at the lowest price possible. We have an experience of more than a decade in the same industry and our technicians are fully trained and proficient in their working ethics and equipped with the latest machinery. We provide cleaning as per your personal requirement, as it’s an essential part of bond cleaning, hence we do it in at least on a quarterly basis. For those who have pets and kids, it’s very important for them to have the carpet cleaning done on the regular intervals.

How Our Expert Clean the Carpet:

We are an expert in our field of cleaning. Our services are unmatched and most economical which assures you to relax and get your work done at the earliest. Our professionals have a vast knowledge of chemicals which should be used for cleaning; we make sure to use the best available chemicals in the market to give you a shining result.

Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • Pre-Vacuum the carpet with rotary brush vacuum cleaner.
  • Pre-spray the carpet solution on a carpet.
  • Steam clean carpet.

It is important to know that for a better result, do not walk on and leave the carpets 2-3 hours. There are many service providers in the market but they do not follow the full process in an organized manner, they sometimes use unhealthy products which have a bad influence on the product. Hence, we believe in a procedure of systematic work which is Eco-friendly.

BRISBANE- A Festival City

Australia is one of the most popular countries in the world for its tourism. There are three largest populated cities in Australia- Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Let’s talk about the Brisbane city.

Brisbane is a capital of Queensland, Australia which is surrounded by Brisbane River. Brisbane’s metropolitan area has a population of 2.4 million which ranks 3rd in the most populated city in Australia. The 19% of the Brisbane’s population is national population and the 81% are outsiders. The Lonely Planet in 2014 was named Brisbane as “Australia’s hippest city”. There is so much to discover in Brisbane, most of the visitors get attracts here for its award-winning food, wine, cultural activities, heritage, nature-based, festivals, a jam-packed events calendar, adventurous activities, and scenic weekend getaways. There are thousands of people who come every year for enjoying Brisbane’s life, study and for their work culture. Most of the people stay here in hotels, cottages, and apartments which are easily available on rent. It’s a little bit information about the Brisbane.

Are you ready for enjoying Brisbane’s life? Then it is the best time for you to visit here because there days festivals and so many events are going on here.

Let’s have a look upon the upcoming Brisbane Festivals of this month:-


Treasury Brisbane Arcadia
08 – 29 SEP


The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent
08 – 16 SEP


Treasury Brisbane Arcadia
The Box 08 – 29 SEP


Various locations
08 – 28 SEP


The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent
25 – 28 SEP


The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent
25 – 28 SEP


Theatre Republic
The Loft 26 – 29 SEP


Cremorne Theatre
26 – 29 SEP


The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent
29 SEP


Theatre Republic – The Block
25 – 29 SEP


The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent
28 SEP


The Tivoli


South Bank – Cultural Forecourt
29 SEP


29 SEP


26 – 29 SEP

Apart from these above festivals and events, there are much more festivals waiting for you. Just visit Brisbane today and enjoy these festivals with your family, friends and life partners.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane

If you are planning to stay here for a long time then you need to take a rental property on a lease. There are many property owners who provide their properties on rent and they generally take some security amount for their property. This amount is also known as bond money and when you leave this property that time you will get back that amount. As per the agreement between the property owner and tenant, to get back this amount you need to get clean their property before leaving the house. This cleaning is generally known as bond cleaning and also end of lease cleaning.

The property owners and real estate want to get it done by some professional bond cleaners. If you are staying on a rental property in Brisbane and you are worried about your bond money then you should hire some professional cleaners to get your bond money back. There are plenty of cleaners available in Brisbane who can clean your property professionally. Lica Home Services is one of the cheap and best bond cleaning service providers in Brisbane who provide Bond cleaning services with 7 days of job guarantee. You can choose Lica home services to get your bond money back.

Bond Cleaning Has Become A Necessity For Every Tenant In Brisbane

Brisbane is the most famous and populous city in Queensland, Australia. Here many events, adventurous activities and scenic weekend getaways are placed. It’s a most beautiful tourist place where many tourists visit to enjoy all activities and award-winning food. Every year lots of people visit here to enjoy Brisbane cultural activities, for studies and jobs. That’s why many people who visit here, they live here for a long time. In Brisbane, many property owners who give their property on a lease. A person who wants to live there for a long time they need rental property. To get a leased property they require to submit some security money to the property owner. This security money is refunded at the end of the lease, but the tenant is required to get the bond back cleaning done.

Bond Back cleaning

Bond back cleaning is a part of the house cleaning and also it’s necessary at the end of a lease. In this cleaning, every tenant requires full house cleanings like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and also other areas of a house. When a tenant takes a rental property on a lease then he has to sign a contract in which it is mentioned that bond back cleaning is necessary at the time of the end of the lease. After signing the contract, the tenant has to deposit some money to the property owner and this money is also known as Bond money.

Bond Money

It is a security money which is deposited by the tenant to the property owner at the beginning of a lease. Bond money is necessary to get any property on a rent or on a lease. This money is refunded at the time of the end of the lease. For getting back this money tenants are required to get the cleaning services by professional cleaning service providers. This type of cleaning is known as bond back cleaning, Bond cleaning, end of lease cleaning or Exit Cleaning.

Every tenant wants to get their bond money back from the real estate agent or form the property owner but they can’t get it easily. For this, they will have to get the bond back cleaning done for their rental property. The property owner or real estate then inspect the property after the bond clean. The only reason is to get this cleaning done is Bond money. If you are a tenant and you want to get back your bond money then you need to get the bond back cleaning done.

You can also do this cleaning by yourself but in today’s life no one has enough time for this type of cleaning. The property owner wants to get this done by professional cleaners. We are offering you our professional cleaning services to get your bond money back. Book our Bond cleaning, carpet steam cleaning and end of lease pest spray services now.

Criteria For Choosing Professional Bond Cleaners

Brisbane is capital of Queensland and third famous populated city In Australia. It’s a great place for tourism and it’s also a peaceful place to stay. In this city, we can find world-famous food, drinks, many adventurous events and activities, beautiful weekend getaways and much more things to explore all over the city. There’s always something to do in this city. Visit here and enjoy your weekend with your family and friends. There are many hotels, apartments, commercial complex, and residential properties available to stay here and if we choose any rental property in Brisbane city then Bond cleaning is a necessary thing at the time of the end of your lease.

What is Bond and why it’s necessary?

When you live in a rental property in Brisbane then you need to pay some security amount to the property owner to take their property on a lease. This security money is known as bond money. A bond is a contract between tenant and property owner. In this contract, some security money is deposited by the tenant to the property owner. This money can only be refunded at the time of the end of the lease but there is a condition or law applied to get this bond money back. That condition is to get a bond clean done for the same property from a reputed and professional company.

The properly must look like as it was at the time of move in. This cleaning is known as bond cleaning. Bond Cleaning is a most important part to get your bond money back from the property owner or real estate. Most of the time, apart from the bond cleaning, carpet steam cleaning and pest control/flea control are also subject to get your bond money back.

Where to choose bond cleaning services?

In Brisbane, there are thousands of cleaners available in the market but if you want your bond money back then you need to choose professional bond cleaners. Professional cleaners know the value of your time and your money. That’s why they put their all efforts to give you the quality services so that you could get your bond money back easily.

How to choose Professional cleaners:

1) Just search the company who has more than 5 years of experience
2) The company should have lots of satisfied customers
3) Read the reviews of customers
4) There should be a job guarantee for their work
5) At last, compare the price of their services with other service providers

These are the important things to confirm before booking any bond cleaning services from service providers.


Brisbane, Bond Cleaning Services

Our house is a precious and healthy place where we want to live happily. Everyone wants the healthy environment, fresh air and also dust free place for living and for this we require cleaning services. Cleaning is a process which makes a house for living. Nowadays many companies offer cleaning services to keep clean the house and we can choose any one of the cleaning providers from them, but how?

Step to choose cleaning services

1)    Quality is one of the most important things to get any  cleaning services from a cleaning service provider.

2)    Check the total work experience in the cleaning field

3)    Numbers of customer satisfaction

4)    Customer Care Support

5)    Is their reasonable Price for their services or not

6)    Well trained cleaners are available or not

7)   Is there any job guarantee or not for their services

In Brisbane, Bond cleaning is a popular service and also most important service for a rental house. Bond cleaning is necessary to clean a rental house after the end of a lease.

cheap bond cleaning brisbane | Bond Cleaners Brisbane
Bond Cleaning Services Brisbane

Why it’s necessary?

When we get a rental house in Brisbane then the owner of the house take some security money which is known as Bond Money and also get back this money you need to clean your rental house from dust, pest and other unwanted or unhealthy things and the owner will be satisfied by their work. Therefore to getting back bond money, we require the bond cleaning services.

Where to find quality bond cleaning services in Brisbane at a reasonable price?

For this, we introduce Lica Home Services, where the user gets no.1 quality bond cleaning services at customer satisfaction price. Here user also gets pest control services and steam carpet cleaning services at affordable price.

Why choose Lica?

1)    They provide the best quality services as per the customer expectations.

2)    They have well-trained and educated staff.

3)    For bond cleaning, they use the latest equipment and eco-friendly chemicals which have no side-effects on our health.

4)    Here the customer can get 7 days of job guarantee wherein if the user is not satisfied with their work then they re-clean the house without any extra cost.

5)    Lica Home Services has 10 years of experience in Bond cleaning services.

For any query contact Bond Cleaning Brisbane

A Hassle-Free Bond Cleaning Service In Brisbane

One of the toughest tasks for any tenant is at the time of their end of the lease. It’s not an easy task to relocate from one place to another place and moreover. It’s not only about the re-location. However, you have to get the bond cleaning done to get your own bond money back from the real estate.

For this, you have to find bond cleaning service provider who can help you to get your bond money back.

Things to remember while choosing the bond cleaning providers:-


The provider should be enough experience who is able to get the customer’s bond money back. To get the customer’s bond money back provider needs to provide the best bond cleaning services. Best Cleaning Services is not possible without the experienced and well-trained cleaners.

bond cleaning service
Bond Cleaning Service
Affordable services:

The provider should be enough affordable so that every needy customer can afford them to get their bond money back. There are so many bond cleaning service providers who charge to their customer a much amount. However they do not provide the worthful services and at the end, the customer has to run behind them for re-cleaning or refund.

Latest equipment and Eco-friendly chemicals:

A provider should always use the latest equipment as per the cleaning requirement so that customers requirement can be satisfied and they must have the knowledge and experienced to use the correct chemicals in spite of using unknown or dangerous chemicals which can be harmful to the human body as well. They should always use the Eco-friendly chemicals.

Bond guarantee:

There should be a bond guarantee after the bond cleaning service is done. Most of the time, the real estate or property owner conduct an inspection for the bond cleaning service and if they find any issues regarding the cleaning then they do not refund the customer’s bond money or sometimes they deduct a large amount from customer’s bond money. Hence, there must be a job guarantee so that if there are any issues regarding the services so the customer could get a re-cleaning service without any extra cost and without any worry.


Most of the time, real estate or the property owner asks the tenants to provide the invoice for the services which they have received from the bond cleaning provider however their service providers do not provide the invoice to them and then they have to face the problem to get their bond money back. The provider should also provide the invoice after the customer’s job is done.

We are glad to inform that, we have all the above qualities and we provide all the above-mentioned services. We also have a large number of customer satisfaction in Brisbane and also known for our best quality at cheap price.

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