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Bond Cleaning

Bond Cleaning East Brisbane

Not every cleaning job is the same, each area requires a different cleaning method to make it look as clean and fresh as is required to pass the investigation. Along with the fact that cleaning a house isn’t a cup of tea and it’s not for everyone especially when exit cleaning. Even though bond cleaning in East Brisbane is a troublesome task it is crucial to get your bond back. You can use this bond money to invest it elsewhere or buy something you’ve been planning to buy from a long time. We have customized plans for our customers and the prices range depending upon a number of factors like the size of your property (house or commercial property), the mess to be cleaned and objects to clean (Venetian blinds) etc. 

It is of utmost importance to hire bond cleaners that are trustworthy and absolutely the best at what they do. Bond Cleaning in East Brisbane is an important aspect of moving out.Nothing should risk your bond money because it rightfully belongs to you. So, residents think it’s best to hire professionals who will enable them in getting back the entire bond amount.We have been in the bond cleaning business for ages and can totally assist you in getting your bond back. There are stringent rules to be followed and the cleaning standards must match the pre- determined requirements of REIQ (Real Estate Institute of Queensland). Our customers speak highly of all the services rendered by us. Whether it is exit or bond cleaning, spring cleaning, we are the best they have ever hired.Under our bond cleaning package, we clean everything inside and outside, steam cleaning your carpet and even pest control. Some of the examples are as ensuing: 

  • High Dusting- Dusting the walls, cleaning them thoroughly to make them look as good as new, tidying the ceiling fans, vents, air conditioner ducts etc. are cleaned and made sure there is no stain left that the investigator or the real estate agent can pick upon. We also clean cobwebs, light fittings and make them look brand new. Dust is cleaned and wiped off the walls, power points, all the paintings, murals and the likes are cleaned and dusted to ensure a naked finger catches no speck of dirt or dust particles.
  • Bathroom- Bathroom fittings, tubs, drains, tiles, mirrors, basins, drawers, bathroom compartments and so on are cleaned. The residue or soap scum is hardest to clean and takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Kitchen- The kitchen compartment, slabs, fittings, sink, cook top, fixtures, cupboards are all cleaned and we make it look like it has never been used.

When you have to get your resident or commercial property bond cleaned, a general swipe of the broom or mopping of the floor just isn’t enough. It requires additional efforts and hands. Hire us to help you clean your house in no time thus imploring your trust in us. Our mothers have always taught us- A clean house is a happy house. Call us today and don’t procrastinate the cleaning process. The sooner, the better.

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  • Published Date      : 2019-01-28
  • Author : By Kemmy Anderson
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