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Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Bond Cleaning may be an almost alien concept for people who are only now venturing into the world of rented homes, but experienced folks completely understand how important this process is for one’s lease contract. Bond Cleaning Brisbane is often addressed as exit clean or end of lease cleaning. It is a necessary undertaking that tenants legally owe to their landlords or real estate agents.

End of lease cleaning is a complex process involving the complete and stringent cleaning of the entire property – indoors and outdoors – including repair work, in case of any wear and tear or damage that may have been caused by the tenants during their lease period. Why is it necessary – you ask? Well, a tenant is legally bound to conduct bond cleaning before moving out of the house. If not followed through, the real estate agent or landlord can lodge a claim against the lease agreement. In addition to that, the procedure must also fulfill the government’s guidelines to fully ensure that there remains no scope of any complaints.

With LICA Home Services, rest assured that all your worries would be handled with the best bond cleaning services in brisbane provided by certified cleaners. Our team uses advanced products, tools, and cleaning methods to completely refurbish the property so that you can hand it over to your landlords with zero doubts.


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Our end of lease cleaning brisbane understand how difficult moving out can be for renters. Not only is there a lot to pack or get correctly organized but one needs to do the needful to get their documented address modified, find the best bond cleaners that fit their budget and so much more. If the tenants are a family with kids, then this process becomes all the more cumbersome. Bond Cleaning in such a situation can be an almost impossible and big task to undertake. This is when professional bond cleaners brisbane can come in handy.

LICA HOME SERVICES BELIEVES: "A Satisfied Customer is One Who Will Continue to Hire Quality Bond Cleaning Service Providers"

Why Does One Need Professional Bond Cleaning?

To many, end of lease cleaning might seem like nothing beyond normal cleaning that most of us partake in on a regular basis. However, bond cleaning is a legally-binding and comprehensive procedure that comprises a range of in-depth cleaning including carpet cleaning, curtain, and blinds cleaning, sanitization, and cleaning of walls, floor, furnishing, upholstery, and more. Simple cleaning using a surface cleaner and wiping cloth may improve the look of these elements on the outside, but exit cleaning requires intense cleaning that leaves every inch squeaky clean. And this can only be achieved by professional bond cleaners in brisbane that have access to avant-garde cleaning techniques and tools for quick and precise results.

As you might already know, occupants are supposed to fill-up an initial condition report at the beginning of their tenancy detailing everything about their rented place such as the condition of the furnishings being provided by the property owner, electrical appliances, curtains or upholstery, floors, carpet, etc. This document needs to be filled with great care and it is crucial to address even the smallest of doubts as it is what the final state of the property will be compared to at the end of the lease.

  • Affordable to meet various economic class or the budget.
  • Accessible 12/7 within the 50 KM radius from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.
  • Approachable, as our customer friendly staff immediately attend your queries.
  • Flexible to meet your whole or partial cleaning needs.
  • Preferable as our professionals keep your premises clean following scientific and eco-friendly approaches.

Reasonable as we cross check for your feedback within the week of offering bond cleaning (End of lease cleaning) and fulfill the task leftover if any with no additional cost.

Property Care with advanced Equipment

Our USP lies in our flexible and personalized services that are comprehensive and total cleaning of the property or partial cleaning as per your convenience. We assure timely delivery of our services to meet your deadlines. Also wedeploy the advanced cleaning equipment, techniques, and approaches that could clean the remote, sensitive, and expensive property with care.

Eco-friendly cleaning

We follow moderate and eco-friendly cleaning appliances and liquids that are soothing, moderate, and pleasant but not harmful to your health and the environment. Apart from Bond cleaning, we also offer exclusive services like carpet cleaning, pest cleaning, and hourly cleaning solutions

Our Flexible and comprehensive cleaning solutions include

  • Complete Bond Cleaning
  • Exclusive carpet Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Hourly Cleaning
  • Cleaning Assistants

LICA cleaning package covers the following areas

Portions exposed to city’s traffic

Traffic related pollution is unavoidable in cities and urban centers. The living room consisting carpets, door mats, mattress, window blinds are the worst hit due to constant exposure to the dust grease, and bacteria. If left uncleaned, they are the source of scaling layers of dust on the ceiling, ceiling fans, and air conditioners.


Kitchen is the place for hectic cooking, boiling, frying, and grilling food. It is sure of getting accumulated with grease, dust, dirt and pests in the kitchen platform, cupboards, sinks, and smoke exhaustfans. If they are unattended frequently, thestains, spots, and the spillovers on the walls, remain permanent and the ugly greasy collections shelters bacteria and the other nocturnal insects. Sinks offer sporadic support for pests like cockroaches causing food poisoning and infection.

Floor Cleaning

Get the best un-carpeted floor cleaning services in Brisbane done under specialists.

Wall Cleaning

Our cleaners have been trained to remove all kinds of stains or scuff marks from walls.


Good night sleep is essential for the productive office/business hour on any given working day or holiday. Each day is important for you to handle the domestic, and the job-related challenges. Bedroom is the place where people relax and energize their strengths. Bedrooms multiplies viruses and bacteria under the pillows, mattresses, wardrobes, lightshades, and table draws. A thorough and comprehensive cleaning make your bedroom spotless and free from dust and harmful bacteria.

Appliance Cleaning

Our professionals are skilled at cleaning, deodorizing, degreasing, and sanitizing fans, exhausts, ovens, microwaves, chimney, etc.

Door & Window Cleaning

We offer cost-effective built-up dust and dirt removal from doors and windows including frames.

Carpet Cleaning

We offer dependable carpet steam cleaning, carpet stain removal, and carpet repair services.

Curtain & Blinds Cleaning

Our team is highly equipped to perform superb cleaning services for all kinds of curtains, blinds (Venetian, Roman, etc), and others.

Bathroom Cleaning

We provide proficient bath, toilet bowl, basin, tapware, shower area cleaning services with odour, algae, bacteria, and stain removal.

Here are the check points Which We Cover

Our Services

Bond Cleaning

LICA Cleaning Services specializes in providing the affordable and the most reliable bond cleaning services following the best and the standard cleaning procedures across the major cities in Australia

Carpet Cleaning

LICA consider every part of the house we tied-up with for cleaning services as a specialized unit. We offer exclusive treatment it deserves for cleansing and refreshing

Pest Control

LICA Home Services is a specialist in other allied services like pest control, carpet cleaning, and hourly cleaning services across the major urban centers of Australia

Hourly Cleaning

Our cleaning services relies on the emotional bonding we build with you as we are aware of the cost of living and the pains of leasing property in the ever expanding cities of Australia

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