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Carpet Cleaning Problems

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Basic Carpet Cleaning Problems

Carpet Cleaning

Major Challenges You Face While Cleaning Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning isn’t as simple as it may seem to you. There are many issues linked to carpet cleaning most of which are bound to compromise with the outcome of the cleaning process. Bond Carpet cleaning is not just about cleaning the debris and stains on your carpet. A lot needs to be done for your carpet to be cleaned properly. Most homeowners are not familiar with these issues, which explains why they do not match the standards set by professional carpet cleaners. Though you shouldn’t think of doing the same when you got Lica Home Services, the best bond Cleaners in Australia


Most people often make the mistake of over-wetting when it comes to Bond carpet cleaning. This poses a challenge considering that you do not have to apply more water than what the machine can recover. Once you are done the cleaning, excess detergent often attracts more grit and soil. In a way, making this mistake often downplays the benefits of cleaning your carpet. Accumulation of dirt on your carpet is an eyesore that is bound to compromise the overall look of your carpet. Whenever you feel your carpet needs cleaning just give a call at Best bond Cleaners in Brisbane


Rippling is another challenge when it comes to Bond carpet cleaning. When cleaning your carpet, you should be careful to avoid overstretching it. Ripping your carpet is costly considering that you might be forced to replace it with a new one. In this regard, instead of cleaning your carpet, it is advisable to go for Lica Home Services. They are Professionals who know how to clean and how to mitigate the chances of ripping at the same time. We are the best bond Cleaners in Australia who make sure you don’t have to face such issues. So it’s advisable to choose your Professional team very carefully like us at Lica Home Services. 

Furniture Stains

Poor cleaning methods do not cause furniture stains. They are usually caused by direct use especially when the carpet is in constant contact with some furniture. Dealing with furniture stains is not easy and requires some expertise. Once you have it clean, it is advisable to have some plastic tabs to mitigate the likelihood of having furniture stains. Whenever you feel that there is a Stain make sure that you call us to give yourself a hospitable environment. We at Lica Home Services have been doing the same work since years now. 

Carpet browning

Most homeowners have experienced a brown spot appearing after cleaning their carpet. Carpet wicking normally causes these brown spots. Wicking often results when the carpet is stained deep down to the root of the fiber. When the fiber is moistened, the stain becomes noticeable on the surface. Sales Professionals know what it takes to address spot wicking and browning. Spot treatment mostly does this and drying the carpet quickly. We at Best bond Cleaners are quite proficient in the same field for many years. 

Regular Bond carpet cleaning is more important than most people think. However, you also need to ensure the job is done right by enlisting the services by a professional carpet cleaner. This will not only improve the appearance of your carpet but also its lifespan.


Call us whenever you feel you want to get your carpet or house cleaned we will be there. Get an instant 20% discount if you book our services this week. Because we believe in sharing experiences not just services.

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