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Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

LICA Home Services, a synonymous name for the best Carpet cleaning services in the major metropolitan cities of Australia understands the simple logic; the fashion rotates and revolves once in 10 years. It is quite incidental for the LICA Home Services also to complete its decade’s long presence in the city of Gold Coast and it is attaining a renovated fresh look with a change in the management and its approach towards its esteemed customers.

LICA Home Services has been closely following the shifting loyalties and changing trends in the carpet use in the city of Gold Coast, one of the fastest evolving metropolitan areas of Australia and it is gearing up from time to time to meet your expectations.

We are aware that the beige colored carpets are getting replaced by more stunning gray colored carpets with gracefully decorated indigenous floral designs. Be it rugs, Luxurious Entryways, wall to wall carpets or Copious Carpets, we treat them all with varied modalities based on the fiber and the way it is manufactured.

Be it coir, wool, blended wool, polyester, Polypropylene, nylon or acrylic, we apply specific methods, techniques, sprays, and gentle chemicals for wetting, spraying, pre vacuuming, washing, rinsing, and dry cleaning of the carpet to remove its old and tiring look. The cleaning process could extract the layers of dust accumulated in the finely woven threads and fibers.


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Our experts deploy more advanced equipment to extract and erase the fine dust, human and pet animal hair, chewing gum, spots, and marks of the food, wine, cosmetics, grease, oil, and the dirt so that the carpet attains a fresh look. The lifespan of the carpet increases with this cleansing procedure and your family will be totally free from the indoor pollution caused due to accumulated dust in the carpet.

Get rid of the harmful, disease causing bacteria at a throwaway price and breathe afresh by engaging the best carpet cleaning of the LICA Home Services.

Why Does Carpet Need Professional Handling?

Unlike the fabric used for the other domestic accessories, carpets are heavy for manual cleaning. Unprofessional handling of the carpet would result in color fading, holes, tearing, or complete damage of the product, which is generally very expensive. At LICA Carpet cleaning, our technicians are trained to treat carpets gently with all its thoroughness so that they don’t lose their originality.

What Do We Assure?

  • Hair particles of pet animals and human
  • Spots because of spill over the carpet such as coffee, tea, oil, grease, and alcohol/wine.
  • Marks of mud, sand, and the dust accumulated beneath the carpet.
  • Strains of lipstick, hair dye, other cosmetics, and food material.

The Process

Our technicians take every possible care in cleaning the carpet so that it would not lose its texture and quality. At the end of the cleaning process, the customer smiles with relief as it attains a new and refreshed look. Prior to subjecting the carpet for any treatment, we study the quality of the material and select the best type of cleaning process.

How Do We Do It?


Our technicians carefully spread the carpet and employ quality and advanced industrial vacuum cleaners to pluck and remove the human and pet hair to begin with. This process also detaches the sediments of sand, mud and dust accumulated over the carpet.

Spraying & Dry Cleaning

We spray a non-toxic material so that the dirt, spots, and the grease marks over the carpet are rinsed for easy removal. This process also detaches the sediments of sand, mud and dust accumulated over the carpet. Following this, we treat the carpet for removing stains of lipsticks, chewing gum and other sticky objects. The carpet would be dry cleaned for removing all the above-mentioned stuff to make it clean and dry.

Steam Cleaning & Deodorizing

We deploy advanced steam cleaning material to disinfect the carpet finally so that the carpet smells afresh and pleasant with the deodorants applied gently over it.

How Do We Stand Apart From The Rest In The Market?


We bank on the highly qualified and trained technicians to handle the carpet with equally advanced materials and equipment.


We offer the best prices starting from $25 to match various needs of our customers. Our charges are highly competitive, affordable and are available in varied packages, best suited to meet customer’s expectations.


Our staff and the technicians are trained to handle the product with at most care so that you would get the best and highly efficient end results after the treatment.


At LICA Cleaning Services, we love timely delivery of the services and hate lethargies. You are rest assured of the completion of the process as we honor the time and the schedule.


We guarantee a re-cleaning of the carpet within a week time if you have any dissatisfaction on our services.

Our Services

Bond Cleaning

Our cleaning services relies on the emotional bonding we build with you as we are aware of the cost of living and the pains of leasing property in the ever expanding cities of Australia

Carpet Cleaning

LICA consider every part of the house we tied-up with for cleaning services as a specialized unit. We offer exclusive treatment it deserves for cleansing and refreshing

Pest Control

LICA Home Services is a specialist in other allied services like pest control, carpet cleaning, and hourly cleaning services across the major urban centers of Australia

Hourly Cleaning

Our cleaning services relies on the emotional bonding we build with you as we are aware of the cost of living and the pains of leasing property in the ever expanding cities of Australia

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