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LICA HOME SERVICES offers the best carpet steam cleaning in your area and ensures that your carpet stays clean for a long time. We use the best chemical and carpet machine to do bond steam carpet cleaning, Office steam carpet cleaning and also commercial carpet steam cleaning.

Pre-spray carpet & Deodorising
Carpet cleaning
Steam cleaning
Stain Removal Treatment

Lica home service is the provider of best carpet cleaning services in near by your area with most affordable price than those of the competitors. Our service providers are highly trained and also they know what cleaning is required in which situation. The perfect blend of chemicals which is also a major essential of quality cleaning service. Our professionals help in providing satisfaction to the customers and also make them loyal to our services.

Your house gets clean in the estimated time with a guarantee from our service provider. Each and every equipment and also materials needed in the process of cleaning. Those are provided by our service providers, so you don’t need to worry about buying any materials. Our service includes daily, weekly and also monthly packages according to your needs. To lower the worry of the customer, we also have insured all of our cleaners and also checked their reference.

  • We clean the carpet by pre-vacuuming the carpet with the best vacuum cleaner. It takes in all the human and pets’ hair as well as soil from the carpet.
  • After pre-vacuuming carpet, the nontoxic product is sprayed in the carpet which will help any dirt particle to remove easily.
  • This step includes removing the stains that are present on the carpet. The stain is the mark of lipstick, rust, chewing gum or any other food items marks. If the mark couldn’t be removed by our professional, it cannot be removed by any other cleaners.
  • The dry cleaning method can provide full satisfaction to our client in terms of cleanliness. You can walk immediately on the recently cleaned carpet and also need not wait for hours to dry. It is one of the important features of our service.
  • The final step includes providing carpet steam cleaning to our customers. The cleaning is done with the latest technology available which can give you 100% result.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Australia

We have various characteristics that help us to stand out from our customers. The various qualities that help to differentiate us from competitors are our service quality, the equipment, price, efficiency in work and guarantee.

  • Service quality: Our service quality is very good which is because of the use of the modern technology in cleaning. The new blend of chemicals and also the equipment to use the chemical makes our service quality good. Overusing or underusing the chemicals while providing cleaning service may degrade the service quality. So, the knowledge of what amount of chemicals to be used also help our professionals to maintain service quality to our customers.
  • Equipment: The equipment used in our cleaning process are high end and also latest. It is one of the major characteristics that differentiate us from the competitors. The customer need not bother buying the equipment or materials needed in the cleaning process if they take our services.
  • Price: The price that the customer will be paying for our cleaning services is comparatively very low as compared to our competitors due to which customers choose our services.
  • Efficiency in work: Our professionals are highly trained to complete the assigned task in the estimated time and also moreover the technology is also updated frequently due to which there is high efficiency in work and customers are satisfied.
  • Guarantee: We provide a guarantee in our service which will make our customer more secure to use our services. If you are not satisfied with our services we will provide the re-cleaning services if it is informed within 1 week of taking the service.

1. Our professionals’ carpet cleaning technician pre-vacuum the carpet with the industrial vacuum cleaner which has a rotary beater brush that brings all of the pets and human hair and soil from the bottom of the carpet.

2. In this step, our technicians pre-spray the carpet with a non-toxic product which suspends the soil and then allows it to be removed easily using the specialized dry or steam cleaning methods.

3. Here, our technician removes a wide range of stain, Red wine, watermarks, rust, lipstick, ink, chewing gum, coffee and tea marks, food stains and much more. Please note: Not all the stain are removable, however, our technicians guarantee that if they can not remove the particular stain no one else can.

4. In this step, our technicians use the latest dry cleaning method which gives our clients most satisfaction with the soft and also cleans carpet. You do not need to wait for hours to dry the carpet. You can walk on your carpet immediately and it will be completely dry in 2 hours without any cause.

5. The last and final step we recommend customers to have a full carpet steam cleaning, our professional technicians have the latest machinery which has a high suction intake to give to 100% results.

Please Note Stain Removable treatment is optional extra service which is not included in steam cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning from $25

What Our Valueable Client Says

Amy Kane

Thank you guys for a tension free bond cleaning. I got my bond money back without any problem. Will recommend you to everyone. Cleaners were professional and they did the balcony for free. Thumbs up!!!

Andrea Owen

Awesome services, i really like Lica home services and my house looks really clean and i also got my bond money back from my real estate.