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Bond Cleaning

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Bond Cleaning

A Clean House Makes Way For a Better Life!

Had a tiring day at work- with no strength left what so ever? But still have a house that needs cleaning? Your home should be your loving abode not a second job you have to head to after work. Moreover, other chores like laundry, cooking, washing utensils are enough to keep you occupied during the weekend and throughout the week. Give yourself a break, hire a professional for your house cleaning purposes. We have different plans so that you can avail a plan that best suits your budget, needs and requirements. We use environmentally safe and responsible products that pose no harm or threats to the people in close or direct contact with such cleaning products. You can rely on our services and trust us to deliver the best and hand over to you an immaculately clean house. We offer the three major services.

 They are as ensuing: 

Bond Cleaning 

Bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning is a legal requirement where you are supposed to clean and tidy your house, leaving it spotless to welcome another-tenant or owner. Usually, before the tenancy the landlord makes you sign an agreement or form wherein a certain money is kept aside as a bond or security. This bond is only released or given back when the real estate agent or the land lord is satisfied with the house and the condition it’s in,overlooking normal wear and tear conditions. We specialize in bond and exit cleaning services. Our high standards of services guarantee landlord approving the clean as well as customer satisfaction. Our services include thorough cleaning of your kitchen, toilets, bath, rooms, walls, garage, lawn etc. with varying price packages. We are insured and all our maids and cleaners are trained and highly professional. 

Carpet Cleaning

When you hire the most affordable carpet cleaners in Brisbane, we ensure that we spot clean your carpets with light solutions that are non- toxic and non- hazardous that is certified to be safe for kids and pets. The solution is mild and not harsh to be used on your carpet thus ensuring that the fluff and fiber material stays intact and elongates it durability. When dirt and other abrasive particles get into the carpet, they deteriorate the quality of the carpet. We provide this service along with our bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning services. Our carpet services use safer cleaning methods that are beneficial for you, your family and your pets.

Pest control

Pests are a menace that spread numerous diseases. Get in touch with us for normal pest cleaning or end of lease pest cleaning, we shall be of service. We use the following chemicals in our pest control treatments: Biflex Ultra, Temprid 75, coopex dust, baits, advion gel, and many more chemicals. Australian pests include spiders, cockroaches, silver fish, crickets, mosquito, flies, Fleas, carpet beetles and many more. Contact us to get rid of pesky pets.

When you book us, we’ll work tirelessly to help you get your entire bond back. This bond amount can be channelized towards other important areas or used as rent for your new house.

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  • Published Date      : 2019-02-25
  • Author : By Kemmy Anderson
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