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Lica home services has high reputation on keeping the standard of home cleaning and maintaining. A clean home is a healthy home and is free of all the harmful disease causing insects like mold bacteria and other dirt particles. Moreover, healthy home helps to lessen the sick days of all the family members. One can work very productively while in clean environment.

When you hire our professional for house cleaning, we give the best quality service at comparatively low price in the market. Once you take our services, you can get the best well trained cleaners in the house who are insured as well. Our packages includes daily, weekly or weekly according to the interest of our clients. We provide the service in a way that is convenient to our clients.

We also provide

Carpet cleaning services: The dust and stains in your carpet are also removed by our cleaners in a lowest price possible and much efficiently than any other service providers.

Pest control: If you are facing the problem due to the presence of numerous insects in your home, you can always remember us. Our highly trained professionals provide pest control service with non-toxic chemicals.

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House Cleaning Services Brisbane

LICA HOME SERVICES is the best house cleaning services in Brisbane. Our professional house cleaners all fully trained and know what the cleaning standard.

House Cleaning Services Brisbane
Its Very Glad , we have done Yesterday work . / West End Queensland 4101, Australia

House Cleaning Services Brisbane

LICA HOME SERVICES is the best house cleaning services in Brisbane. Our professional house cleaners all fully trained and know what the cleaning standard.

House Cleaning Brisbane
We are delivering again a Great Job / Woolloongabba Queensland 4102, Australia

House Cleaning Services

LICA HOME SERVICES is the best house cleaning services in Brisbane. Our professional house cleaners all fully trained and know what the cleaning standard.


Best House Cleaning

LICA HOME SERVICES is the best house cleaning services in Brisbane. Our professional house cleaners all fully trained and know what the cleaning standard.


Why hire professional house cleaners?

Is there an option? In this busy world where you hardly have the time to take care of themselves, cleaning your house is too time consuming to handle by yourself. Also, it is tiring and needs physical strength as well. So, hiring professional house cleaners only make sense.

However, there are other benefits to hiring a house cleaning services. When you are moving out or once your lease period is over, it is mandatory for you to do a bond cleaning or end of the lease cleaning. And, professional bond cleaners are required for something like, something on which your bond money hangs.

Also, if your house cleaning services provider is like Lica Homes you’d also get carpet cleaning and pest control services, which means you get all services under one roof. That is not only less hectic but can get you discounts as well.

Will Lica Home services provide services any time on demand?

Yes. We have a team of professionals with their respective shifts throughout the day. That means we are able to cater to your house cleaning needs on your demand in your schedule. Why make regular things like cleaning such a hassle? Just call us and you will receive cleaning services whenever it is feasible for you.

What areas are covered in a standard cleaning procedure?

The professional cleaners will clean the kitchen, Bathrooms, Common areas and bedrooms in a standard cleaning procedure. Cleaning a kitchen will include scrubbing cabinet exteriors, cleaning sinks, cleaning appliance exteriors, cleaning countertops and tables and vacuuming and scrubbing/wiping the floor. Cleaning a bathroom will include cleaning mirrors, cleaning sinks, tubs/shower, wiping countertops, cleaning the toilet, cleaning soap scums and cleaning the floor.

Similarly, cleaning a bedroom will include dusting surfaces, making bed, vacuuming and wiping floor and tidying up the objects present. Cleaning a common area will include straightening small objects and pillows, dusting surfaces, vacuuming and wiping floors and wiping coffee table and side tables.

You can always ask for extra or specific help you need.

How to get a quote?

It’s easier than you think. All you have to do is fill up the quick service quote form in the home page with asked information and you’ll get a quote in no time.

Do I have to be home for my house cleaning?

It is a decision that is completely up to you. You can either be home when the cleaners arrive or let us know how to access your home when you aren’t there at the time of cleaners’ arrival.

Do you provide the cleaning supplies?

Cleaning supplies aren’t included in the service by default. It is your choice to use what kind of supplies you want, this is to make sure that there is no home to home contamination. However, if you want the cleaners to bring their own supplies, that can be arranged for a small fraction of extra charge.

What other services do you offer?

Apart from scheduled house cleaning Lica Home services also offers bond cleaning/end of the lease cleaning, carpet cleaning and pest control services. Please check our front page for further details.

Do you use organic/green products?

Upon request we will be happy to use green products, however, we don’t compulsorily use organic/green products every time.

Are the services punctual-will the cleaner/s arrive on time?

Yes. We pride ourselves in being punctual. The cleaners will arrive on time. However, we do allow an hour window in case of severe weather conditions and traffic. You will be contacted and informed in case of any delay.

Why choose Lica house cleaning?

There are number of house cleaning service providers in the town but most of the people chose our service because of our certain characteristics that makes us different from the others. These characteristics are divided into four characteristics: Protection & Trust, high quality services, affordable price and convenience.

1. Protection and trust

  • The public liability insurance policies protect you from any kind of theft, injuries or damages. We provide guarantee in our services which will create feeling of trust in our customers.
  • The reference check and drug test is done before hiring any employees in our cleaning service.
  • If our service didn’t give you the satisfaction, you can request for re-cleaning within 7 days of the cleaning service.
  • Our employees are not only trained to do work effectively but also treat the customers in good way and reduce damages during the cleaning process.

2. High quality services

  • We provide attention to every details and the cleaning is done very effectively by our professionals
  • Our professionals clean your home completely unlike some other cleaning service providers who skip many places which cannot be seen.
  • Our latest and updated cleaning technology doesn’t leave any dust in the home which is the major reason that we have been providing high quality services.
  • If you are an urgent need of cleaning services because of some occasions, you can give us a call and let us know about the urgent booking.

3. Convenience

  • The equipment and the cleaning supplies we use are purely natural and non-toxic so you need not to worry about the effect of those chemicals while cleaning.
  • We do our work in the estimated time, once the appointment is made, the work will be started from the very point of time according to convenience of the client.
  • You need not to come our office for taking our services, you can just call and ask for the services and we will be at your doorsteps.
  • If you have subscribed to our daily package, you can change the schedule daily according to your convenience but there should be prior information given to our cleaners.

4. Affordable price:

  • We provide the high end services at a very reasonable price due to which we are way forward from our competitors.
  • If there arise any company that provides the better services than ours, we try all the things to match it or make our services better than that.

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