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LICA HOME SERVICES is the only one who gives you the guaranteed satisfaction of Pest Control Services in your area. Our technicians are professional, licensed and fully insured.

The most important thing in your life is you want to live in a healthy environment; no one wants to live with pests such as cockroaches, spiders, ants, and silverfish. The much big problem from food to clothes. Our professional technicians can solve this problem with their techniques. The chemicals used by our technicians are environments friendly for your pets and kids.

We provide best pest control services in the market at affordable price. The important thing you are covered by our 100% guaranteed service plan. so book it today and get the best service experience.

Pest control services in near by your area helps to clear out the bugs that are present in the house which may be very harmful to people living in your area. Our technicians provide the services which are very convenient for our clients. You can always remember us for the best service with affordable price in your area for pest control.

We also have bond cleaning services for our clients at a very low rate. So, if you are renting a flat or if you are the owner of the flat that is going to be rented, you will need us. We provide high percentage discounts to our customers which is one of the main reason which makes us best of all. The warranty provided is also the reason due to which many people choose our services.

1. Pest control: We provide pest control services in lowest price in your area. The latest technology is used in the process of pest control. The effective blend of chemical and the amount to be used in any place is very important in cleaning service or pest control. Our technicians use the right chemicals which will remove all the pests in the house effectively and efficiently. They also have high knowledge and experience in using the best amount of chemicals required for the cleaning or pest control.

2 .Bond cleaning: We also provide bond cleaning services to our clients. The bond cleaning is done at a very low price possible which starts from $120. We also provide 10% discounts in bond cleaning services. The timing of cleaning depends upon the convenience of the clients.

3. Cleaning services: Another service provided by us is a house cleaning which is charged on an hourly basis. We are the one place for all house cleaning services in near by your area. Our house cleaning service costs 40/hr. for our clients.

We are the top pest control service provider in your area due to certain characteristics that differentiate us from our competitors. These characteristics include affordable price, efficiency, and effectiveness in service, warranty service and also the quality of service we provide:

  • Affordable price- Our price for bond cleaning, pest control, and house cleaning is very affordable for all kind of people and low then the competitors. This helps us to gain more clients who seek quality services at a very affordable price. Our competitors keep the high margin in providing services due to which their prices are high and customers seek our cleaning services.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness- We provide each and every service in estimated time, unlike another service provider who does their work taking a long time as we use the latest technology for the services. We also do our work very effectively. Once the work is assigned, it is completed fully in the estimated time which is one of the very good features of our service providers.
  • Warranty: There are many service providers in your area who do not provide a warranty on their services, as a result, the customer feel insecure to use their services. We have warranty in our pest cleaning service which makes our client loyal and sincere towards our services.
  • Quality of service- The quality of our service is very good as we use the latest technology which helps to do the whole work in the lowest time possible. We also provide training to our service providers regularly and make them able to provide high-end services. The chemicals used in cleaning and pest control are high quality and the mix is done by our technicians which helps us to provide us with the quality services to our clients.

Australia and bugs have not only become synonymous with each other in a way but also quite a cliché. It’s a tropical place so you get a lot of bugs, pretty simple and natural. But, what isn’t so simple is keeping your residence free from harmful pests.

Not all insects are harmful, they are even necessary for the environment. But cockroaches, termites, rodents and other dangerous, as well as disease spreading bugs, need to go, at least from your house. That is exactly why you need to hire pest control services. Why not do it on your own? Well, not only it is messy, time-consuming and dangerous, there’s also a high chance that you won’t be able to get the job done as well as the professionals. So, leave professional pest control services to make your home a safe haven.

It is very normal for people to underestimate termites. They have the power to hollow out a building and tear it down. From your expensive wooden furniture to the frame of your house, termites can cause harm anywhere. There have been cases where termite infestation has gone bad that people have had to tear down a building to solve it.

Also, termites multiply fast and work in groups. So, contact a reliable pest control service provider when you come across the first signs. Lica Home services is happy to dispatch its experienced and also reliable pest control team at any time.

Pest control, better rephrased as integrated pest management is a process by which nuisance creating and harmful pests are eliminated/minimized from your residential area.


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Thank you guys for a tension free bond cleaning. I got my bond money back without any problem. Will recommend you to everyone. Cleaners were professional and they did the balcony for free. Thumbs up!!!

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Awesome services, i really like Lica home services and my house looks really clean and i also got my bond money back from my real estate.