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Bond Cleaning services

Professional Bond Cleaning services 24/7

Professional Bond Cleaners In Brisbane

We are LICA Home Services. We are most preferred bond cleaners in Brisbane. Bond cleaning Brisbane takes a lot of time and efforts. Whether you are moving to a new property or are putting the house on sale, it needs to feel fresh, clean and neat. It is not achievable just by scrubbing and vacuuming. Cleaning the entire house top to bottom can be tiring. And on that when you are busy packing, you are sure to miss a thing or two. That is why you need to call the professionals to do the job.

We are reputed for providing personalized cleaning experience to our clients. We provide best services when it comes to cleaning. And all that at a very affordable and competitive prices. When we work, we don’t leave any surface or corner uncleaned. We scout your entire house top to bottom. 

Our cleaning services are all encompassing and includes everything like:

  • Kitchen cleaning – Cleaning of cooking stove, sink plug, exhaust fan, tiles, dish washer, counter tops, cabinets inside and outside, sink etc.
  • Bathroom cleaning – Shower cubicle, curtains, toilet, shower head, exhaust fan, sink, bathtub, shelves, wardrobes, mirrors, walls, floor, tiles, taps and many more.
  • Living room and bed room – Fan, floor, windows, wardrobes, light fittings, power points, door and window tracks, window frames, curtains and blinds, walls and a lot more.
  • Laundry space – All around and under the washing machine, washing equipment, filters, sink, taps, plug holes, cupboards inside and outside, dryer etc.
  • Balcony – Floor, cobwebs from corners, pathways, driveways etc.

In our services of Bond cleaning Brisbane, we will cover everything even you wouldn’t have thought about. Call us now!