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Why Charlotte was Upset on her Birthday Party?

Why Charlotte was Upset on her Birthday Party?

Why Charlotte was Upset on her Birthday Party?

Charlotte has completed all her arrangements for the Sunday afternoon lunch on the eve of her birthday. A small group of not more than 6, including her husband and herself, would be attending it. She took every measure to keep her home #clean by thoroughly dusting the sofas, carpets, and another furniture present in the living and bedroom.  She got a pleasantly smelling lavender plant in the dining cum kitchen, which indeed is an added attraction with its colorful presence and fragrance. She was excited and happy since morning with great excitement and a positive spirit. What made her so upset during lunch? Although she prepared a nice feast for her guests and arranged the table well, she could not digest the fact of tiny #cockroaches creeping in crazily when Ms. Rosy is started eating her lunch. It crept into the plate, making a mess out of the party that the guest had placed her plate quietly, without eating it.

Indeed, only the previous Sunday Charlotte sprayed the #pest_control available in the market. She frequently watches this product being advertised in TV programs during primetime. Though the spray smelled peculiarly strong with some aroma, it could not kill all the cockroaches hidden in the sinks, cabinets, and corners. What made her more annoying is she could not erase the weird looks of Ms. Rosy on finding a live cockroach creeping on the plate. It is quite

Charlotte called her mother to find the best solution she used to follow traditionally.

Her mother read a list of things to follow.

“The simple step that keeps any pest away from the home is to maintain cleanliness. But it is easy said than done” Observed her mother.

For working women that shuttles between the home and the office could hardly spare a few minutes during the weekday.  I however clean my kitchen once every month regularly. A complete overhauling” replied charlotte.

“Don’t lose patience baby”, replied her mother. Cleanliness literally means not to leave any food particles open for it to thrive.  Make sure that you don’t leave the plates, dishes unclean overnight on the sink. Cockroaches wait for to you to switch off the lights to feed on the leftover.

Make sure that you remove each item in the kitchen at least once a month and thoroughly dust the utensils, boxes, etc., and swipe the shelves and cabinets with wet as well as dry clothes to make them clean and dry. Don’t ever spread any newspapers on the shelves, and wardrobes, as these insects use them for nesting and breeding eggs to multiply their numbers.


Engage a #pest_controlling_agent that thoroughly places a chemical mix at selected points so that they disappear gradually. Even the pest controllers are unable to give you a 100% guarantee of complete eradication at once. It will take at least one week to yield the results. Try this formula regularly to keep the wretched insects at bay so that you need not feel embarrassed.